“A soul that carries empathy is a soul that has survived enormous pain.”

Carlos Medina,
“The Minds Journal”

It is not my intention to write another self-help book on the interactions between a narcissist and an empath. Instead, I want to take you on a journey with me to explore the world of an empath’s private life. The things that an abused child can’t find the words to express. Being completely controlled by one’s parent, and the frustration of trying to extricate oneself from that parent’s grip. Being tossed out of the frying pan and into the fire. As a middle-aged woman, still being controlled and almost breaking. As an old woman, finally being able to heal. This is my story and I want to share it with you.

I do this with the hope that younger people will learn early in life how to protect themselves from toxic and predatory people. I was in my fifties before I was shown that there are people out there who derive pleasure from destroying others.

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